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Tipping Point

You all know the story.

But you may not realize, we have reached the tipping point.

Fifty years ago, leftists, Cloward and Piven conceived a plan so diabolical to overwhelm American life with what they called "The Weight of the Poor."

Decades of nibbling away at freedom. A half a century of supporting nation destroying policies like allowing illegals to have a right to vote.

These haters laughed as their plans to ensure government welfare workers were turned into Community Organizers with laws like Motor Voter.

Today, we find ourselves under siege by leftists emboldened by the work of Cloward, Piven, Clinton and Soros. Just last month, laws requiring voters to have IDs have been struck down by activist judges in Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kansas, and North Dakota.

Tipping point.

John David Phillips




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